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A special thanks goes out to the YouTuber Ch0pperfor providing all of the images in our Blood of the Dead walkthrough. After days of searching, the community has finally cracked the Easter Egg for Blood of the Dead.

Much like every other typical Zombies Easter Egg, Blood of the Dead brings with it a number of challenging tasks that can often be quite time consuming to complete. With the main challenges coming in the form of obtaining specific objects and completing a series of challenges, that if failed, will have to be restarted. Before you begin completing any major step of the Easter Egg, there are a number of prerequisites that need to be completed in order to progress.

To make things simpler and essentially as smoothly as possible, we will begin to collect all of the objects and tasks needed for the Easter Egg. It is worth noting that during waves 1 to 17, you cannot complete the main Easter Egg, giving you plenty of time to work on obtaining the list of items below.

As mentioned above, it is highly recommended that up until round 17, you should be spending your time obtaining the Spectral Shield, the Hell's Retriever, the Blundergat, the Spoon, and also the Pack-a-Punch. While there are options to further upgrade each of these items further, it is only really recommended that you spend the time and effort on the Magmagat, Golden Spork, and the Attuned Spectral Shield. However, doing so is completely optional.

Once you have obtained the Spoon, you will need to head to the Warden's House, and melee the wall that is above the steps.

COD BO4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead Pack a Punch Guide

This will place scratches on the wall, which will be used later in this step. Once round 17 comes along, head to the Number Pad in the Citadel Tunnels and enter the code "".

This will force a Brutus Zombie to spawn in the world. Inside this room, you will find a body that is draped with a cloth.


You will then want to interact with the small red stone that can be found on the nearby desk within the room. Once you have picked up the stone, interact with the lever, which will reveal the body to be the corpse of the Warden. Now that you have collected the stone, make your way to Richtofen's Lab, where you will need to place the red stone on the map that is located on the left wall of the Lab. Once you have placed the stone on the map, the Kronorium will now spawn in the right most corner of the room.

Interact with the book and it will spawn a glowing blue bird that will steal the Kronorium. For the next four rounds you will be tasked with finding the bird once every round. Unfortunately though, finding the bird every round is no easy task, as you can only see and hear the bird by using your Shield's vision ability and listening to the audio cues to track it's location.

The closer you are to the bird, the louder the sound will be. Once you find the bird, you will want to use your Shield's Spirit Blast ability to attack the bird.Solution by Phil Darke. After the intro pick up the newspaper. Go into the cafe and examine the dead man.

Talk to the girl and ask her about the dead man and the clown. Leave the cafe and walk towards the road works. After the interview with Rosso leave the cafe and talk to Nico.

Ask about Plantard and the clown. Go and talk to the workman. Give him the newspaper and when he leaves to place his bet, examine the tool box in the tent and take the T shaped tool. Walk back towards the cafe and go through the arch. Use the T shaped tool to open the manhole cover and go down into the sewer.

Pick up the clown's nose and go through the tunnel, pick up the tissue and the piece of cloth. Go up the ladder and talk to the concierge ask him about everyone and about the briefcase and the items you picked up in the sewer. Show him the card which Rosso gave you, he will be much more co-operative and when you show him the scrap of material he tells you that it was from a jacket and gives you the name and phone number which was on the label.

Go back to the workman's tent and use the phone by the side of the hole. Call Nico, she gives you her address. Go to the right to the Paris map and go to Rue Jarry. Try the door but you can not open it. Talk to the flower seller. She tells you how to open the door. Go in and talk to Nico.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 mob of the dead guide and walkthrough

When you show her the nose she finds the address of a costume shop inside.This guide will walk you through the process with help from NoahJ, who finished the quest shortly thereafter. Use our Blood of the Dead weapon guide to find all of these items.

Go to the Warden's Office. Next to the Titan wallbuy you'll see this wall. Melee it with the Spoon to create some scratches on the surface. From this point forward, you must wait until at least Round 17 to progress.

While you wait, we suggest using the above guide to get the Blundergat and spin the box for the other team members. Once you have Blundergats, upgrade them to Magmagats.

blood of the dead walkthrough

Basically, just use this time to get as strong as possible. Once Round 17 begins, go to the number pad in the Citadel Tunnels and enter This forces a Brutus to spawn, and you must lure the Brutus to the wall you scratched with the Spoon.

The Brutus will do a big charge attack that offers access to the Warden's Ritual Chamber. Interact with the body under the drapes. A cutscene will play. Once it's over, grab the small, circular stone on the desk. This causes the Kronorium to appear in the corner of the room.

Interact with it, and follow the bird that takes the Kronorium up the stairs and out to sea. For the next four rounds, you'll need to find this bird once per round. It can spawn pretty much anywhere on the map, so just use your shield to see and track him using audio cues.

You'll hear some ethereal wailing and seagull sounds as you approach. Here are some clues as to where the bird might spawn:. If you hear a noise in any of these spots, those descriptions should help you zero in on a precise location. When you find it, use your Shield's Spirit Blast attack. Do this three times.

On the fourth sighting, you'll also come across an orb that looks like this. Instead of the bird sounds, you'll hear sobbing when it appears. You should find it somewhere close to the number pad. When this happens, go to the number pad and input This spawns a Zombie blood pack. This will add the Kronorium to your inventory. A cutscene will trigger. When you can move again, use the Shield to reveal three numbers on the pages of the book. Input those digits in the number pad to trigger one of five randomized challenges.

The light on the lighthouse will shine in the direction you must proceed. To start each challenge, go to the location and do a Spirit Blast. You'll know you've done it right when a red portal opens. If you fail, return to the book and draw a new challenge in the next round.Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 features three new Zombies maps. This guide covers everything we know about Blood of the Dead including quests to build the Golden Spork, Blundergat and more.

For this first part, follow the mapped path to two power locations. They shouldn't be too hard to find. The first step is to find Essence from any random glowing Afterlife box around the map.

In this case, it was in the cafeteria at the place labeled Times Square. If it's not there, push up towards C-D street from the Library, walk through Broadway, and drop down to the street once you reach the Michigan sign. Keep moving forward and there will be a power box under a smaller Michigan sign. Go to Michigan Avenue, look for a lit Michigan sign near a set of stairs.

Go down, and walk through the lit door on your left. Pass through the grate, go to the room lit with candles. From the candlelit room, go left. This path leads you down a long staircase to the Citadel Tunnels. At the bottom of the stairs, go left and you'll pass through a barrier. You'll pass through another barrier near some candles, The third barrier has a distinct opening.

Behind it is a spawn for the shield door. The third part, the Key, comes after you kill Brutus The Warden. So just wait for him to spawn. He typically shows up at round four or five.

Pass through Building 64 and make your way to the door leading to the Docks. The crafting bench is right there where the gondolas would be. Now that you have the Spectral Shield and key, the rest of the map is more or less open to you. The next step, then, is to unlock Pack-a-Punch. After you craft the Shield, take the gondola at the Dock Bridge. From here, run through Cell Block 3rd Floor, through the Infirmary and follow the path up the stairs to the roof.

If you've played Mob of the Dead before, the layout is the exact same. Once you get to the roof, use you shield and press the right trigger to drain three Zombie souls.

This charges your key. Fully charged, press the left and right triggers at the same time to Shield Blast the voltage meter near the "no one escapes alive" sign. After that, the Pack-a-Punch will spawn in. This process is just like Mob of the Dead except the Hellhound spawn locations are a little different. In either case, look for the large, flaming dogs in each of these spots. Kill individual Zombies to feed the dog. Once it howls, your job is done. You're essentially making your way to the Warden's Office.

From Michigan Avenue, go to the labeled office sign and into Sully Port. Pass through Administration and you'll see an outdoor area with the Warden's house. A dog is hanging towards the roof. Once you kill all three, look for this portal in the back of the Warden's house by the fireplace.This guide will show you how to build the zombie shield on Blood of the Dead.

You have to gather 3 parts in order to build the Spectral Shield. Two have to be actually collected and one is dropped by the warden after he has been taken out. Here are the parts:. The Auger DMR wall-buy is right next to this box as well. He does that right after you have turned on the power for the prison second switch or he spawns naturally for the first time somewhere between round Shield Location 1: In the Citadel Tunnels, behind one of the corrugated iron walls while walking down the tunnels.

Shield Location 2: At the exit of the Citadel Tunnels bottom of the tunnels. When you exit the tunnels, turn left for this possible spawn point. Location 2: On the third floor of the cell blocks, on the left when you are walking towards the Gondola.

Found a shortcut!!! Shoot the warden before running down to face the hellhounds, and a warden will spawn in with all the hellhounds. This warden will drop the wardens key, which means you could already have the shield before you turn the 2nd power switch on!! Please read and share!! Your email address will not be published. Shares 0. Comments Found a shortcut!!! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

YouTube Facebook Twitter.On this page you'll find the complete Dead of the Night Easter egg walkthrough. In order to complete the Dead of the Night Easter Egg, you will need to complete a series of prerequisites before you can begin the main three challenges of the Easter Egg.

Listed below, are the required prerequisites that need to be completed in order to attempt the main Dead of the Night Easter Egg. Dead of the Night is a little different to previous Zombies Easter Eggs as this particular Easter Egg is broken down into three different quests.

To complete these quests, you will need to revisit the same Stones that were used to unlock the Pack-a-Punch. If this is the case, you will want to ensure that you have Silver Bullets on your weapon. Once you are ready, begin to make your way to the Cemetery. Here, you will find a large rod sitting on top of the Mausoleum.

blood of the dead walkthrough

Begin to shoot at the large metal rod all at once, until a beam of light appears in its place and points towards the statue of Atlas in the Main Hall. With the beam now active, make your way to the North Atrium Bridge and interact with the three different wheels that are used to control the statues large globe.

Use this wheel to align the colored lights with the rotating parts above Atlas' head. Once this is correctly aligned, the beam will destroy the statues head and connect with the Greenhouse Laboratory's telescope. With the statue destroyed, you must now search for three glowing Zodiac Symbols that have been randomly placed around the map.

These symbols will help you gain access to the Greenhouse Laboratory's telescope. When searching for the symbols, you will also come across scratch marks that can be found in the same room. These marks will be used to determine the order in which you must input the symbols. Once you have found all of the Symbols and their corresponding scratch marks, make your way to the Greenhouse Laboratory. On the top floor of the Greenhouse Laboratory, enter your code into the telescope's code device.

The order of the code is based on the lowest scratch mark to the highest. To enter your code, be sure to melee the input device after every symbol. Next, equip your shield and interact with the crank to open up the top of the dome.Aside from the plane parts needed, there are other items that you can find and build as you fight off the waves of the undead, including things like shields and traps. The only real tricky thing about this is that the key can appear in two different places and which one it will be located in is random.

If the key is there, you will see it hanging on the left side from an electrified hook. Make your way down to the ground floor and across from the showers door, there will be an electrical panel to use to enter the afterlife.

blood of the dead walkthrough

Zap yourself and you will then see a portal open above you, across from the electrical box. Sprint and levitate up to get through it and then go to the left to find an electrical panel there to zap. Shoot it and that will lower the key, allowing you to grab it when you return to your body.

The other location where the key may be is through the same grey door, except this time you will need to have enough money to go through another door, which is located on the second floor, up the stairs and down the catwalk, to the right of where the other key is also located, across from the showers.

Once you go through the second door, continue all the way to the end and you will see the electrified key hanging from the hook above in the corner.

Jump up through it and go to the left to find the electrical panel. Zap it and the key will now drop down for you to grab. To access the first part, you will need to open the door to the showers.

'Black Ops 4' Blood of the Dead Zombies Guide: How to Get Golden Spork, Blundergat & More

Go to the electrical box where the key 1 is located. Zap yourself to enter the afterlife and then go through the portal located to the left of the MP5 on the wall. Run through the opening to the end, after jumping up on the pipes. Then turn around, and run back and up to the upper level of the pipes. Once you reach the end here, zap the volt machine and it will open the gate to the showers which is directly across from where your body will be when you return to it.

Zap yourself and then fly back to the washing machine room and shock the volt machine to the right to turn on the power. Return to your body and then go back to the washing machine and turn it on.

As it spins, the room will turn steamy and a horde of zombies will attack, including most likely a Brutus, a hulking zombie that takes massive amounts of damage and will show up every once in a while. When you reach the Citadel, there will be a spiral staircase that circles an elevator in the center, leading down to a door and a set of numbers on a board behind a lock.

Make your way back up to the top of the spiral and use the electrical box there to enter the afterlife. Zoom back down the spiral stairs and look on the left side for three numbers that you will pass on the way down. When you reach the numbers panel, shock each number section so that the number match the ones you saw on the way down. A timer will now start and you will either need to return to your body quickly or have another person run through the door at the bottom and go down the stairs and down the hallway to the left, all the way to the end where the elevator will arrive.

Open the cage and grab the part off the elevator floor. Once you reach the Docks, either via the gondola on the third floor or through the hallway at the bottom of the Citadel, there will be a fenced in area to the right side, across from the bottom of the ramp and large set of stairs.

If you are playing solo, you can just zap into the afterlife and then shock the volt machine to open the gate, however if you are playing with more people, you will need to have two people enter the first caged area, one then will enter the afterlife, shock the volt meter, and then the other player will need to run and grab the part out of the second caged area.

The part will be inside here, but to get it, you will need to shock three electrical panels that are in the Generator Room, down beside the docks.

You will need to shock the three panels that are lit up. There will be two in the Generator Room and then a third that will be through a portal at the far end of the room to hit as well. For this last part, you will be able to get it just before you head up to the roof, through the Infirmary. You can reach the infirmary through either the door in the cafeteria or by following the catwalk behind the Electric Cherry machine on the third floor in the center of the cell block.

When you enter the Infirmary, follow the corridors leading to the roof and just before you reach the stairs leading up, there will be a glass cabinet on the right side. Now that you have the part, enter the afterlife again using the electrical box there, and go through the portal located in the tiled hallway a couple rooms over and follow the narrow passage to the roof.

Once there, shock the volt machine next to the door and it will open giving you access to the roof.